Thursday’s Tech Tip # 2

This week our tech tip relates to Android phones. While we all love our smart phones one downside is that the mobile data caps can be quite limited and the risk of exceeding those and incurring extra costs can be high. Your Android phone able to provide you with a warning when you are approaching your data cap.
To set this up:

1. Go to settings->Data Usage

2. First click on the date drop-down and change your usage cycle to reflect when your new billing month starts. So for example it may commence on the 12th of each month, so you would set it to that.

3. Once you have set the date you will see on this screen a graph with a warning bar that you can move up or down. We would suggest setting this warning at least 500mb less than your data cap. So for example if you get 2.0GB of mobile data a month then set the warning to 1.5GB or less.

Please note, as it indicates on the setting page itself, your service provider may measure data usage differently so be aware that this is a general guide only.

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