Tuesday’s News Update

An item to note for those that shopped at Dick Smith stores. As part of the wind-up of assets, receivers are planning to try and sell the retailer’s customer databases as well as other intellectual properties held by the company.

An update after the initial announcement made assurances that every customer on the database would be contacted and given the option to opt-out and not have their information included as part of the sale.

Intellectual information such as these can be valuable to other businesses giving them details of shoppers A question that should be asked, when a company you do business with goes into administration or files for bankruptcy, is what happens to your details held by that company. Fortunately Australian privacy laws do hold companies accountable in these sort of situations.

See http://www.itnews.com.au/news/dick-smith-receiver-puts-customer-databases-up-for-sale-416422

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