Tuesday’s News Update

Just a brief news update today for those Apple Phone users running IOS 9. On Friday Apple issued a small patch for its IOS 9 mobile operating system that addresses a problem that caused apps to hang after users tapped on hyperlinks in web pages. This update will take you from version 9.3 to 9.3.1.

The bug appears to have been introduced in one of the first versions of Apple’s iOS 9 last year. It affects the new Universal Links feature that allows developers to redirect users who click on hyperlinks pointing to websites to installed apps, bypassing the Safari web browser.

So if any of you have been experiencing this problem go to Settings->General->Software Update and see if you have any updates available. It is recommended that you have your phone connected to your power adapter before installing the update.

Read more: http://www.itnews.com.au/news/apple-rolls-out-fix-for-ios-93-web-links-issue-417629

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