Thursday’s Tech Tip # 4

Welcome to Thursday’s Tech Tip. Looking once again at Windows 10 and a couple a short and sweet tips:

1. The universal Maps app in Windows 10, unlike the Windows 8 Maps app, now has an offline maps feature. Click the Settings (gear) icon in Maps, then select Download or update maps under the “Offline maps” header.
You’ll be taken to the Settings app, where you’ll be able to select which continent, then country whose offline map you’d like to download. (If you’re downloading a Australian map, you’ll also have to select which state you need or you can download all states). Helpfully, Windows tells you how large the download will be before you start downloading the maps.

2. With the Windows 10 November Update, you can now save apps to external storage or secondary drives by going to Start > Settings > System > Storage after you’ve connected the storage to your PC, be it a thumb drive or SD card. From there, click the drop-down menu under “New apps will save to” and select the external storage drive you want to use. This useful for those using Windows tablets running Windows 10 or Surface hybrids that have SD card expansion.

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